Childbirth Classes

The Apple Tree Childbirth Education Series teaches parents-to-be what to expect during pregnancy, birth, and early parenting, just as secular classes do. But the Apple Tree course offers an added dimension: spiritual insights on these important life passages, rooted in God's Word, the Bible.

Through ATFM Childbirth Education classes, parents-to-be learn how to cooperate with God’s design for a comfortable, natural, and joyful birth that will deepen their relationship with God, one another, and their baby.

The Apple Tree course also addresses issues that are closely related to childbirth, including breastfeeding, early parenting, and family planning—all from a biblically-based spiritual perspective.

Relationships are an important part of the Apple Tree series
relationships with an experienced Christian childbirth educator and with other parents-to-be. Prayer support is also integral to the program.

Participants in an Apple Tree Childbirth Education series do not have to be Christians; all expectant parents who are interested in biblical perspectives are welcome in most classes.

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